Jemma Baby is for new mommies and seasoned mommies alike. Motherhood can be downright hard, but it helps to know that other mommies have the same struggles. While each baby and mommy are unique, many of the challenges they face are incredibly common. I want to help mommies realize that they are doing a fine job and that their babies aren’t a freak of nature.

I want to encourage mommies not to play the comparison game. It is good to be educated about what other babies are doing or have done at certain stages, and it is helpful to know how other mothers operate, but that doesn’t mean you or your baby will follow in their exact footsteps. I’m here to remind you that that’s 100% okay. I want mommies to realize that as long as they are working with their babies and giving motherhood their best effort, that they are doing a terrific job.

I also want to encourage parents to think through their parenting approach thoroughly. A common questions today is whether or not you should take an attachment approach to parenting. Decisions like this should never be made out of guilt. Your best friend may parent a certain way, but that doesn’t mean you have to parent the same way. Your friendship will last regardless of the parenting style you choose. Parenting approach is something that should be carefully considered by both parents. As you talk through and think through issues like this, it is important to consider reality and what is realistic. Also, never be afraid to create your own mix of approaches. You may choose to approach your parenting from a number of different angles, and that is okay too.

Remember also that other peoples’ opinions on your baby or on your parenting matter little. If you know someone whose parenting style and whose children you admire, seek out their advice. But don’t second guess your decisions because of the unsolicited advice of the lady at the grocery store or the other mom at the coffee shop. Everyone has their opinions, but they don’t know you or your baby well. At the same time, don’t be afraid to reach out for help or ask questions of a person you admire and look up to. It is good to have the support of people who have walked this road ahead of you.

More than anything, I want to see more mommies enjoying motherhood. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but it is often tempting for us to dislike it or wish it away because we feel inadequate. My hope is that this blog will encourage you to embrace motherhood and make each moment count with your little ones. This is a season you will never enter again. Thus, it is one that should be enjoyed to the fullest while it lasts.

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